Crew Change Services

We have recently added Crew Changing as a service to our existing Shipping business. We have hired experienced Marine Staffs and Shore-based Staffs for this activity so that our customers will be served at best with safety and security. 
Our well-experienced staff will Liaison with Ship’s overseas offices and will ensure a smooth transition. Creating awareness of the activities with everyone involved will give transparency to all-signers. 
We take care of the following services:
  • Letter of Invitation and Visa Applications
  • Meeting each and every arriving personnel
  • Arranging accommodation in reputed Hotels and as per the requirements from Ship’s Head Office.
  • Booking of tickets for onward journey
  • ‘OK to board’ messages to Airlines
  • Assistance for immigration and customs for changing crew
  • Transportation of arriving crew members in absolute safety till they board for the destination.
  • Medical treatments and doctor visits. 
We offer the best deals on a long-term contract. Hence, looking forward to receiving orders for crew changing services from all types of Shipowners.
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